• Private Session Discovery Offer – New Client Only: £48 (55mn)
  • Private Session – One off: £60 (55mn)
  • Package of 3 Private Sessions: £165 (55mn each; £55/session)
  • 3Omn session: £35

I only offer private 1 to 1 sessions in my studio. However, unlike most Pilates studios where several one to one sessions are going on at the same time, in my studio, it is only my client and myself. So, If you want to learn in a quiet environment where you can really focus on your own body and movements without being distracted by other teachers or clients, please contact me!

Booking Terms

All bookings by appointment payable in advance by bank transfer.

Cancellation & re-scheduling

In the event of a late cancellation (less than 24 hours) or in the event of a ‘no show’, you will be charged at the full applicable rate for the session.

Health Screening Form

If you are a coming to a class or a private session for the first time, we will ask you to complete a health screening form or an Enrolment Form (see below), which should be emailed back to us before your first class – or handed to the teacher when you arrive. The information on this form enables us to be aware of any injuries or other limitations so that they can ensure that you are working safely in the class.

Enrolment Form
Back4Good Enrolment Form
Pregnancy Enrolment Form

If you are interested in :

  • Pilates during & after pregnancy
  • Pilates for Low Back Pain
  • Pilates for Bone Health
  • Corporate class

We’d love to hear from you: