What to expect

Expect to start from the ABC

Alignment : Good alignment is the key to good stability in both starting position and when performing a movement. The joints of the body need to be correctly aligned to encourage the desired muscles to work efficiently.

Breathing: To support stability and encourage fluidity of movement, you will learn thoracic breathing (expansion of the lower ribs into the sides and into the back during inhalation).

Core stability: You will learn to use your deep muscles to stabilise your spine and pelvis as well as controlling the movements throughout the exercise.

Expect to be asked questions about your body

We are there to help and want you to enjoy the class. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask and informed the teacher before the class of any injury or pain. If an exercise feels uncomfortable during the session, we will propose you an adaptation.

Expect to live an enriching and humbling experience

Enriching because you will feel muscles you did not even know you had, and humbling because you will discover ways your body should be able to move… but can’t.

The benefits of Neutral Alignment


• Improves balance and stability
• Increases body awareness
• Allows bones and joints to be in a strong structural alignment. This ensures that muscles and ligaments can function correctly, decreasing the amount of harmful wearing on bones and joints
• Neutral posture reduces the strain on everything that holds the spinal joints together helping to prevent injury
• Helps to fight off joint pain and degenerative arthritis
• Look taller!