Online with Zoom

Online sessions with Zoom – How to join?

To create the best experience for my clients during their online session, I use multiple cameras so the movements can be seen from different angles and are not cut off. I also have a larger screen that enables me to give my clients efficient corrections and to provide an experience as close as possible to in-person classes.

  • To book:
    • Send me an email
    • Once you are booked in, you will receive an email with a link to your private session. You don’t need a Zoom Licence or account to join a Zoom session. You just have to click on the invitation link
  • Equipment needed:
    • a laptop or tablet/phone with a camera and speaker. When joining the class, turn your video on but mute the audio to minimise interference and choose speaker view.
    • a mat or towel, a folded towel to use as a head cushion
    • comfortable clothing, not too loose if possible, bare feet or socks
  • First online session:
    • Using your laptop/desktop: just click on the invitation link received in your email
    • Using a phone/tablet: download the Zoom app: Apple Store or Google Play Store
  • Safety:
    • First time client: please fill in a Health Screening Form and send it back before the class. This information enables us to be aware of any injuries or limitations you may have so that we can ensure that you are working safely during the class. All information you share is confidential.
    • Make sure that you listen to your body and adjust any exercises to accommodate any injuries/conditions you’re working with.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact me