The Benefits of Pilates

Improve Body Awareness & Posture

If you are slouched in a chair or hunched over a keyboard all day, your body may develop muscle imbalances. However, you may not be aware of these poor habits until you start to feel pain. Pilates helps you to “improve your posture and alignment. Strengthening the weak muscles and stretching those that are tight.

Proper breathing within movements

Pilates uses thoracic breathing to help core stability and control of movement. Thoracic breathing encourages to expand the sides and back of the rib-cage on the inhale and to close the ribs down and together on the exhale.

Core Stability

Core stability is the ability to control the position of the pelvis, spine, shoulders and head in relation to each others. A stable base of support is essential to generate efficient movements.

Injury Risks prevention

By improving flexibility, strength, balance and overall body awareness and by teaching a more efficient movement pattern and a better alignment, Pilates reduces stress on joints, tendons, muscles and ligaments, preventing the risk of injury.

Tones your whole body… and your brain!

Pilates is a mind-body discipline. It requires concentration and multi-tasking. You coordinate the breath with movement, you are aware of your spinal alignment and your entire body posture. Efficiency, precision and mindfulness lie at the heart of each movement. The more you focus inward, the harder your body will work!